Treks in the Colca Canyon.


The Colca Canyon offers the traveler beautiful places and countless attractions where you will be able to relax, become one with nature, and appreciate the stunning views that surrounds you. In the Colca Canyon you will learn the customs and traditions of the ancient canyon towns while at the same time you will appreciate the hanging bridges, natural hot springs, and the seemingly out of place, but equally incredible, fruit and palm trees.

The Canyon offers you treks from one to four days to the many towns on the canyon including: San Juan de Chuccho, Tapay, Cosnirhua, Malata, Sangalle, Llahuar, Fure, and the waterfall Huaruro. Our touristic office will provide very detailed information of all the treks available, as well as the necessary implements that go there with, like mountain bikes, mules, and horses. For the visitor whose legs are not built for trekking, Cabanaconde also offers a variety of beautiful vista points, San Miguel, Achachigua, Paicon and the Cruz del Condor.

We have more than ten years experience in conducting confinable tours. With our experience we only hire the most experienced and professional, local guides. The guides that, for their many years of experience in the canyon, know the flora and fauna like the back of their hand. Together with the guides of Cabanaconde we will be able to help you with and difficulty or doubt that you might have.

Tour for the Canyon Colca.

Route 1
Cabanaconde – Sangalle (2 days and 1 night).

1st Day

The trek is about 6 hours. We will leave Cabanaconde at 8am so that we can arrive in Sangalle with time to relax. In the route to Sangalle we will pass through three different towns of the Canyon, San Juan de Chuccho, Cosnirhua, and Malata. You will be able to take part in many different activities like: swimming in the Colca River, bonfires, enjoying the relaxing day of the Peruvian country, and amazing naps in hammocks.

2nd Day

We will leave from Sangalle (the oasis) early and arrive in Cabanaconde within three hours. In Cabanaconde you can take the opportunity to visit the Cruz del Condor.

Route 2
San Juan, Cosnirhua, Malata, Sangalle (2 days, 3 nights).

1st day

We will leave from Cabanaconde and arrive in our first town (San Juan de Chuccho) within three to four hours. Here we will rest our legs in preparation for the next day’s trek. In San Juan you will quite enjoy the amazing landscape and we will have a bonfire.

2nd Day

This day we will pass through two canyon towns (Cosnirhua and Malata) in our trek to the famous Sangalle, also known as the oasis. In Sangalle you will be able to swim in the Colca River, participate in unforgettable adventures, fish trout, and relax in hammocks while taking the breathtaking views.

3rd Day

With difficulty, we will drag ourselves way from the oasis back to the real world at the bright and early. Within three hours of trekking we will reach our final destination of the town of Cabanaconde. Here in Cabanaconde you can visit a variety of different vista points or the Cruz del Condor.

Route 3
Llahuar – Sangalle (2 nights and 3 days).

1st Day

At 8 am we will leave from Cabanaconde. Within six hours, and after passing by two suspension bridges and a geyser, we will arrive in Llahuar. We will spend our first night here in Llahuar. Llahuar offers the trekker the opportunity to fish trout, enjoy the Colca River, and bath in the hot springs.

2nd Day

We will leave from Llahuar bright and early in search of Sangalle. In our trek we will pass through the small towns of Paclla and Malata. Once in Sangalle you will be able to take part many different recreational activities in the beauty of nature.

3rd Day

In the early morning we will leave from Sangalle and be in Cabanaconde within three hours. In Cabanaconde you can visit many different breathtaking vista points including the Cruz del Condor.

Recommendations for you trek:

- Ask for information before your start your trek
- Bring with you, from Arequipa, water-purification pills and for altitude sickness
- Visit, before your trek, Cabanaconde’s view points, which are located at the start of each trek
- Ask about all the flora and fauna so that you do not run into any sticky (or burny) situations
- If you go into the canyon alone it is not necessary to carry a sleeping bag because in each town there are bungalos with comfortable beds
- There are no signs for the trails, it will be necessary to ask a bunch of questions to make sure you do not get lost on the wrong trail
- If you need to buy food in the canyon there are both restaurants and places to buy a snack or two
- Before you take off ask for the number of a couple of locals that rent mules, you never know what could happen
- Do not take off your cloths when you are hot, because the climate can affect you in bad ways.

What you should bring with you on the Trek

- Good hiking shoes – the trails can be during
- Don’t bring the biggest pack you have – just a medium sized one
- Bring your pills, sunscreen, chapstick, and a hat
- If you have bad knees or back, bring walking poles
- A towel and a bathing suit for the pools (Sangalle and LLahuar) and river below
- Bring some snacks, fruit, chocolates, or whatever will give you a kick of energy
- Bring a sweatshirt – it gets chilly at night
- Flashlight and a well-charged Camera – some place below don’t have electricity
- Bring Leatherman or a pocket knife.

The price for day is  S./ 50 or $20 for groups of up to 5 people.


- Mountain bikes, helmets, gloves.

Price: S./ 48 OR $ 18
Duration: 3-4 hours.

PRICE : S./ 50  OR $20

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